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  1. Fast Stu Takes Record, Then Lands on his Arse....on my Bike....

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Weekend of extreme highs and lows :laugh Loaned my race bike to Stu to give him the advantage of a bit more grunt for the Twisty Sprint and Road Race at Elvington this weekend. The Twisty Sprint on Saturday went mint, Fastest Time of Day and broke course record by 2 seconds :hail Road Race on...
  2. the ring-in takes off

    Open Forum
    hi guys well the time has come the walrus said to speak of many things etc etc not really . I'm sitting the international airport in brisbane and its 12.30 in the morning and its still 2 hours till the plane takes off, but I'm coming to england for a few weeks. I know I've just missed the...
  3. Grimm Reaper Takes Another - Karl Malden

    Open Forum
  4. All it takes is mixed conditions and MotoGP gets interesting **LeMans Spoiler**

    Open Forum
    I like it! And now to watch the Supers. Rossi :banghead Melandri :dowhat :hail I was worried about Hayden for a while, but he soon returned to regular form. And then Edwards and Toseland.. :bigfinger James. Talk to talk can't walk the walk, arse. Got Colin's engineer, that's all you...
  5. Tlr cooling fans best offer takes them

    Looking to Sell
    I have a set of cooling fans off a 2002 tlr best offer takes them
  6. All it takes , is as much as a click of the fingers and......gone!!!

    Aussie Forum
    Last saturday, was at home, fixing up house after crappy tenants.....went next door to my neighbor "Jason" , rides a Red VTR. Discussed going on the next ride and he asked if he could come, said dont know if that bike could keep up...laughed a bit and joked but he was in for the next ride. Also...
  7. Now this just takes the cake!

    Open Forum
    :banghead This is an actual medical report I received at work today. Names of the patient and doctor taken out of course, to prevent me from getting sued into oblivion for libel/slander. Yep, people like this exist and it is for real. This lady, in her H2, got rear ended and had minor damage...