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    anyone know if the actuators on the TL1000s and the SV650s are the same? i.e. interchangeable i know some of the gsxr range are the same as the TLS one cheers guys
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    First off, let me introduce myself.... the name's Maurice, I go by Mo, or Momo for the ladies. What are the opinions on the TLR vs. say, an 03 SV650s. I will be using which ever bike for street and track. I am no stranger to track, or riding for that matter. I already have the SV650S, but...
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    Well i took it for a test ride today and its a different beast to the tlr/s . I expected this anyway but i was still pleasantly surprised by its ease to ride and handling! Also plenty enough grunt just for an everyday hack for work and play :devious The price seems good at $5.5k au. and has only...
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    I have an SV650sk2. Recently, since it's been colder in the mornings, I'm having problems keeping it running. I start it on the choke and leave it to warm up for a while, adjusting the choke as need be, which is fine. But after its been running for a couple of minutes the revs start to drop off...