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  1. Bullrun Rally in VA or surrounding area

    East Coast Region
    I have a buddy who is a Staunton, VA PO and gave me the inside scoop on the Bullrun Rally coming Saturday night (7-11-09.) They are all staying at the Stonewall Jackson and leaving at 9:00am Sunday. Lots of hot cars, women, celebrities, and rich "folks" are gonna be there! I think I am going...
  2. Tour of the Black Forest and surrounding area

    Continental European Forum
    Just Wondered if anyone lives in or around the Black Forest area of Germany as i'm down that way for a week from the 6th of June, also if you can reccomend any good roads for us to have a play on. Cheers Cliffo :)
  3. Brissy or surrounding areas ride?

    Aussie Forum
    Hi guys and girls im new to this forum just wondering if anyone from Brisbane or the surrounding areas would be keen to catch up for a ride one weekend soon? thanks Wade