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  1. back surgery from hell!

    Open Forum
    well, i couldn't take the pain any longer and after five years decided to have my back fixed. i had one torn disc and one tearing and a bone spur that was putting pressure one the nerves. i went to a highly recomended spine surgeon and had the work done on an out patient basis. that was...
  2. Back Surgery & Motorcycles

    Open Forum
    Anyone ever had a cage put around spine? Some of you know i was injured in Iraq and have had a few (ok A LOT) of surgeries since coming home. Found out 2 weeks ago that I have to have yet another surgery, this time on my back. Ortho doc who gave me the news told me that they will not be...
  3. Ohlins Shock surgery

    Open Forum
    Sorry it's a blade, imagine the piggyback reservoir to be on the shock.
  4. Motor swallowed a bolt: surgery results

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Well I posted a few months ago that my TL project swallowed a loose 10mm airbox bolt while on a test ride. It held the intake valve open for a couple hundred revolutions before I shut it off, found the bolt in there and took it out. Finaly got around to pulling the motor and doing surgery. Once...
  5. Bitubo has arrived time for surgery

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Started stripping the bike today and as i was putting the toolbox back in the car a courier van pulled up the drive Bitubo WOOHOOO! Have what seems to be a fairly common problem the head has sheared off the bottom bolt and then the top mount broke off:banghead After sifting through a few threads...
  6. My story - with some surgery pics

    Open Forum
    Well, I was in the middle of a business presentation when I started slurring my speech, the left side of my face and left arm went numb...I'm thinking I just had a stroke, but I felt a bit better 15 minutes later. The next morning (I waited because I am an idiot bachelor) I had my sister drive...