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  1. Superbikes, E/Creek 8/9 August

    Aussie Forum
    Anyone heading down (or up)to the Creek for this? My 9 yr old wants to go so will have to indulge him :laugh but probably by car :banghead
  2. Tickets for Superbikes this Easter bank Hol

    Looking to Sell
    Got 2 tickets for this weekend at Brands Hatch...... thats for Friday, Sat, Sunday and Monday or just go on one or two of the days up to you, going for £20 each (should be £28 each). You can pick them up from me if you want.
  3. Ryan S and superbikes

    Open Forum
    well the indy GP/XDL episode was on of superbikes tonight and my boy Ryan S had another bit in there.......was actully a pretty good show........ think i even caught my self in the background taken pix:D
  4. Aus Superbikes - QLD Raceway

    Aussie Forum
    Did anyone go yesterday or going today? I rode down and spent the day yesterday. That crash with Giles happened right infront of me too, was pretty bad. Was a great day out though overall.