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    i got tired of polishing my rims by hand so i went out and bought the mothers power ball attachment for my drill. it doesnt seem to do anything. what am i doing wrong. i am using the same polish i used when i did it by hand(which made it look awesome) appling it to the metal with a terry cloth...
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    Trying to get a dirtsurfer shipped from the UK to Japan ... RM is asking for hundreds of pounds! In money, no less! Anybody know of a cheap way of sending something that weighs about 10kg, is 150cm long without me having to sell my soul? FYI ... a dirtsurfer is -
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    I have been trying to login to my Photobucket account for two days now, tried everything, can't even get Admin to respond. All I keep getting is use FAQ. This doesn't help. Totally useless crap. Anybody have any suggestions.
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    Had to have one of my dogs put down tonight. He was 12 years old, and very much loved. It all happened very suddenly, he collapsed this afternoon and we couldn't get him to stand back up. Vet said he had internal bleeding from a tumour on his spleen, so I had to make the decision to put him...
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    Well I screwed up and didn't get this one because I didn't have $51. Would have been worth more just for the crank!