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  1. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Just subscribed as a Gold member :banana !!! That's good news for you guys too - I'll be doing some Fall cleaning and selling off some stuff soon. Not parting out a bike or anything, just getting rid of some stuff for some room.
  2. Open Forum
    As it says. Its about time I gave back for all the sound advice I have received over the last few months, from very knowledgeable persons. I have solved a few problems from the advice given. I have said it before, this site has become my bible. :hail TLZone :hail May it long continue. :thumbup
  3. Site Questions, Comments, & Suggestions
    I auto re-newed my subscription, however I have lost my subscriber status? Kinda a PIA if you are trying to sell stuff and/or communicating with other Zone members on a regular PM box is now full :banghead Can someone fix this please, and maybe fill us in on why this is...
  4. Site Questions, Comments, & Suggestions
    Is there a lag time after you pay for a subscription until your user account is updated? I don't see how I can set my paypal to not auto-renew my subscription, if I cancel my subscription in paypal will I still have my subscriber status here for a year? Thanks,
  5. Site Questions, Comments, & Suggestions
    paypal deducted the money but my subscription didn't auto renew. Is it meant to? or do i have to do something to renew it? It was a gold subscription. thanks mods
  6. Site Questions, Comments, & Suggestions
    I got a mail from PayPal that my subscription to Platinum Subscriber Subscription was cancelled... I guess they actually mean that I won't get automatically charged for renewal of my TLZ subscription. This is probably because I've replaced my registered credit card in Paypal because I got a new...
  7. Site Questions, Comments, & Suggestions
    Hey guys ... I notice that my subscriber thingy is not activated ... I paid for updated subscription last week (me thinks) .... via PayPAl:pirate
  8. Open Forum
    got this from one of the other forums: only for US residents, sorry. -:banana
1-8 of 10 Results