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  1. 1997 TLS Stopped running ???

    Help Forum
    Need Help PLEASE! OK been reading posts for the last couple hours. First: mods; d&d cans, k&n air filters stock ECU , ecu mods/maps (dont know), no other mods i'm aware of. Bought this year with 42000 miles , have put on app. 8000 miles this year. Has run extremely GOOD all year. Out riding...
  2. Stopped running

    Help Forum
    My 97 tls with 4000 untuched miles stopped running while going to get gas the other day. I did put new NGK's in it about 100 miles ago. After it shut down , It fired up again but as soon as I let the clutch out and put a load on the motor it just stalled. It did this about 3 times and then it...
  3. got stopped for speeding

    Open Forum
    went out for a blast today to pick up my clutch cover seal for my vandriver cover picked it up in bridgend as its up the A48 its a good ride to get spares from thunder road anyway on the trip back home i was making haste safely opening it up when there was no traffic and riding sensibly when...
  4. rain has stopped !!!!!!!!

    Bike Pictures
    heres some pics and a video(youtube) of tiller and me about 10 miles from home,graves creek bridge on the rouge river....very nice !!!!!!!!notice the "actor" (me)is quite wooden on stage !! hahahaha hope i get a break my first vid,gona get it mounted on the bike next ...
  5. Help ... My TLR stopped and wont go.

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi can someone please advise me? I bought a 98 TLR 4 months ago and apart from needing a new battery and front plug its been great. last week i went to work and all was well, when i was ready to come home ..... nothing !! I had power , ignition lights and every thing it even turned over it...
  6. Low Fuel Indicator Stopped Blinking

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    My low fuel indicator no longer blinks. Anybody has any idea what is wrong? It still lights up though when fuel is very low, but fails to notify me with blinks when it is low....