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  1. Stiff Clutch

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    I have Vortex bars and I hate them on the street. Way too low for anything other than the track and my left wrist will hurt so much from clutching at red lights that I barely ride my TLR anymore. If I can ever find my stock bars, they're going directly back on! My question is that I feel like...
  2. Stiff Forks

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    The other day on my way home from work i got caught in some heavy arse my front forks seem very stiff and now they seem to even stay down and i have to either give the throttle a lil twist to pick them up or jerk the handle bars a bit.. my thought is i may be low on fork oil :O but...
  3. Stiff forks?

    Help Forum
    Anyone else out there got a lot of stiction in ther stock forks? Ive had mine serviced recently(oil and seals),shop said there fine inside but they give a harsh ride over small bumps where they dont seem to work much at all.Even pumping using the bars takes some effort to break initial friction...