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  1. Alpine car stereo and amplifiers

    Looking to Sell, Any Items, NON Motorcycle
    Hello Zone!!! I just bought a new car and decided to pull out my stereo from my trade in and have no use for it right now. I am only selling this locally (within an hour drive from Washington, DC) so no shipping is a plus for both of us. And hand delivered by me of course is it's own bonus :)...
  2. long shot - any experience with stereo installs on hondas - 03 civic

    Open Forum
    hello folks, i know its a long shot but im trying to access the antenna lead on my friends 03 civic to install a ipod interface that works via the FM receiver through the antenna lead. her car has a rear window antenna and we did a fair amount of internet research trying to figure out how to...
  3. Home Stereo Crossovers

    Open Forum
    I have dabbled with car and home stereo systems for years. A passive crossover, after the amp usually on or in the speaker, is simply the right combination of chokes and capacitors. I never really understood how one channel from an amp could power 3 speakers coming out of the crossover and...
  4. ideas on clean way to play mp3s from hd to stereo

    Open Forum
    hello guys, im looking for a simple way to play mp3s from a hd to a stereo. either an mp3 player that accepts an external usb or a very simple computer that will play them. open to any suggestions. this seems like something that should be commercially available but i havent found anything...