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    I need help. I have a 2003 TL1000R and I changed the battery today. After the change I put in my key, turned it on and nothing. No lights, no speedometer display, no starter, nothing. A couple days ago it cranked over slowly but would not start so I shut it off and ordered a new battery. Help!
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    Check out this thread over at
  3. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I need to do a total rebuild , the exhaust valve blew up and lokk what he did. Should I buy OEM ? AFTERMARKET? USED? Thanks.
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    OK, IM A MECHANIC!! That may be a good thing here...I have had my TLR for 3 years. I found that after a little while of owning it the pipes got red hot and my ass was burning! I dont ride it much as i have other bikes but i have to tell you that this is due to the fuel pump beginning to die...
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    just finished swapin a 2000 tlr motor into my other 98 tlr frame. i used the 2000 wiring harness with the motor. is there anything stupid that people leave out that will make the motor not start. now im a mechanic by trade so i know how to work on things but im just lookin for a place to start...
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    OK, sorry to the mods to start a new thread for the same problem but is seems that people don't read the whole thing or maybe can't read or who knows why they ask the same question that has already been asked four times? :O So it threw a code c13 I read adams thread about c13 and can't say...