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    so i sold my wrecked tlr for 50 bucks haha gave away almost everything except my new sprockets and rear seat and the rear hump would it be worth it to sell them on like e bay or something or just give it to him?
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    Well guys, I watched her ride away today. Glad to have the money in prep for buying the house but I am going to miss that bike more than any of its predecessors!
  3. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    :bawling:bawling:bawlingSadly there was no other choice,things had gotten so bad that in the end it came down to a choice between tripping over it everyday or simply parting with it and being happy knowing it went to a good home.For many years its been like a breath of fresh air in a somewhat...
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    Just saying hello.
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    traded my beatuiful tiller off today for a 04 gsxr 600. ive been wanting a stunt bike for the longest time, and couldnt afford two so i did it. i couldnt trash the tlr after all the work i put into it so it went it off to a good home. this little 600 has NO BALLS!!!! gonna be a great stunt bike...
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    This weekend I went up to Carlisle PA to the Ford nationals with my 12 year old project. Http:// I did not have the heart to part it so I was trying to sell the whole package for $1000.00 Friday started as any day would, went to work at 3P.M. I decided I...
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    Sorry to say I sold my TL1000R this month. Had it for 6 yrs but time for a change. I wish you all well. thanks,
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    The buyer seemed happy - $1,000 for an 84 pop up 750, K&Nś, plus spares, factory workshop manual etc. I hadnt started her for a year. Buyer brought along his battery from the one he had crashed heavily last week :dowhat: and she fired up second time :). First time Ive not had a Kat in the...
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    dont do it... lol. pass on it.. just say no. dont go, dont listen to what they tell ya, dont have em describe what it looks like....... long story short, got hit up on myspace. a guy claiming to have my old 92 kat. i thought bs, then he started telling me about the bike, things i only told...
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    As of now, the Tuono has gone to its old home. Dennis is moving to Tennessee, so it will be heading back to its original home with the second owner. It was fun, I think my track time is behind me, I am sure I will ride, but track riding may not be in my future. I thought about it for a while...
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    i`ve sold the tls just like to say thanks for the info/help in the past cheers alan xxxx
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    Ok so my friend is a farmer. He uses the back of my parents field to connect a few fields of his. My folks dont care because its good for the land to get used and this guy is a nice guy so its a win win for everyone. Well I stopped at his place to get some sweet corn for dinner last night. I...
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    Okay my run with the KTM is over for now. Sold it tonight. I was honest and upfront about everything, I knew about the bike. Dealer told me it needed a motor rebuilt to the tune of $1500.00 so I toss the mother-load in and let it all go for $1500.00 Tomorrow, I'll be at the bank collecting...