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  1. Open Forum
    Okay well the last time my cousin bailed me out by plowing our driveway, he also bailed me out this time as well. The down side was he only made one pass so the width was narrow for vehicles but we managed. This time, I used my dad's tractor and scraped it myself, that is until the blade...
  2. Open Forum
    managed to sneak up to the local mountains yesterday for some runs. roads were closed on monday and still bad on wednesday. finally could make it in my vw yesterday. crowds were small and weather was perfect socal boarding weather. took a few shots on my drive and on the mountain. its...
  3. Open Forum
    Dad's old tractor is ready to go, unlike last time we where at the mercy of my cousin to plow our driveway. This time I'm ready, bring it. We still have some snow piled up around town but most of it is gone with the warm weather we had. Now we are getting perhaps a bit more but only 6-10...
  4. Open Forum
    Has anyone rode one of these things? I think this would suit the S riders well. :laugh
  5. Open Forum
    BBQ in the snow at sparkys place in Walsall Sat morning. Who's coming ?
  6. Open Forum
    It's snowing, it's snowing. YEAH. We have about ten inches so far. Hoping for a 15 inches they say. Nice and fluffy snow. LOVE it, wish my dad, mom, and Terri's dad was around to see this. We will finally have a White Christmas. I'm so excited. I can't stand it. On call tonight until...
  7. Open Forum
    :doug Snow is falling all around us.... :devious just started
  8. Open Forum
    hit the local mountains yesterday, an amazing 90 minute drive from the ocean. it rained here for a week and snowed in the mountains. wanted to share a few pictures. surreal picture from the freeway one from the chair looking to the south friend michelle all stealthed out i need a...
  9. Open Forum
    2nd proper dirt bike trip with the WR. learned to jump ok, learned to signal the countdown deal when theres traffic. rode up sc120 to the snow saturday morning. amazing. sadly no pictures from the snow. WR ran like a raped date in 30's temps. friday was warm and nice and i burned a half a...
  10. Open Forum
    came last night. ony got an inch or so, and now that I'm writing this its all melted :laugh got some pics of my dog, she LOVES snow. she thinks its some knid of treat. she'll grab a mouthfull and run off like she's being sneaky or something :lol
  11. Open Forum
    SNOW It's been lame all winter, but finally we received enough worth calling snow. Winter bought us about 5-6 inches but the wind blew some in more places which I love. The family and I went out and slid a little. I think we had fun. Alex crashed and he did not want to slid much after...
  12. Open Forum
    These were posted on another site I belong to. They were taken on 12/18 in Palmdale as they were moving one of the B2's. These are for those people in other areas of the world that think it's always sunny here. :laugh It was 34 degrees at my house this morning when I left for work at 4 am...
  13. Photography
    Went up to Big Bear, about 100 from LA with the women, kids and dog.
  14. Open Forum
    Former Bush press secretary Tony Snow is dead at age 53 from colon cancer. I had the opportunity to see him speak once years ago. He had a sharp sense of humor and was just plain "cool". Ya gotta admit, being the press sec for Bush has to be one of the tougher assignments. Snow did it well...
1-14 of 14 Results