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  1. Smokey Joe

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    Hey whats up, i have a 1998 orange TLR. I have a serious problem , i had half a tank of fuel in the bike when i added some iso-heet to it .iso heet is supposed to remove water from your fuel, but after i put it in i have been noticing that white smoke is coming out my exhaust when i rev the...
  2. Smokey Mountains / Deals Gap pics

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    From my trip last week. 3231 miles in 10 days on a '97 TLS Killboy and Zeefoto pics..... My riding crew. I'm the fourth from the left. If you see this group in your rear view mirror....its already to late lol
  3. Deals Gap / Smokey Mnts Pics

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    EDIT: nevermind. My pics are fubared. Ill get them up later