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  1. Introducing the KTM 990 SM-T (yapp, NDUS!)

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    Yeehaw! Picked up my brand new KTM 990 SM-T this afternoon. This is my second new bike, after a SV650S back in 2002. This time NO RAIN rolling it out of the shop! :) I instantly loved it when i testrode it, and today was no different. A little ride home turned into a 200km haul :) :thumbup...
  2. testride: KTM 990 SM-T

    Open Forum
    hi guys, i think i have found my next bike. :yes I wanna do more traveling, and since i have some 50kgs extra to carry along now (no, not a cement bag, i mean a pretty girl :laugh ), the raptor is definately out of the picture. I don't want to turn into a boring uncle with a gigantic GS or...