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  1. '01 TLR.... Slight Basket Case

    Canadian Region
    Just wanted to say hi to all the fellow TL folks here. I gotta say - there's a whole lotta good info here. I'm glad to own one finally. After riding YSRs'..CBR's...and a handful of Gixxers I thought it was time to finally get a bike with some personality. She's a bit of a basket case - but I...
  2. Slight issue regarding a sex offender thread..

    Open Forum
    Chuck posted a thread a while back about sex offenders and i posted the list of names of registered sex offenders in my area.. almost a year later i get this on my myspace. Hi Ashraf, You might be wondering who is this, I came through your post on, 'http://www. tlzone...
  3. Slight twist on the 'Plus' Mod

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I just completed the 'Plus' Mod yesterday. Uses the same fundamental schematic of course In the following method, none of the original wires require to cut or spliced. Instead of picking up the relay coil power off the original coil wires, I used the now conveniently un-utilized former...