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  1. My personal rant on our current situation

    Open Forum
    Ok so I am sure most everyone reading this has either been here or here My rant is about...
  2. Might be in a sticky situation

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Okay long story short, found brand new fuel tank on ebay which was the same color as my bike, bid on said fuel tank, won said fuel tank. Buyer emailed me wondering if I was interesed in any other parts for a tls he had (We exchanged emails). I took a look at the pictures and saw he had a...
  3. Tiger Woods - An Admittedly Tasteless Take on the Situation

    Open Forum
    What a mess. Seems Tiger cheated on his wife. From one man to another, Tiger, I am with ya. Turn the bimbo wife loose on the paparrazzi. Yep, I known nothing about the particulars in your case, but we have seen this all too many times before. I am gonna side with you Tiger. You see Tiger, I...