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    Fixed, might see some funkiness as the clock just jumped -28k seconds.
  2. Please Welcome Our Latest Site Vendor Trible Performance!

    Please allow me to welcome our latest Official TLZone vendor, Trible Performance to the site. Based out of the Czech Republic, Trible Performance is a little company with a lot of technical experience. With longtime roots in the automotive industry (building race engines, fuel-injection...
  3. Please Welcome Our Latest Site Vendor Shiny Bits Performance Parts!

    Shiny Bits Performance Parts is run by our very own member, Wooly, and is our latest Official TLZone Site Vendor. :hail Shiny Bits Performance Parts currently offers carbon heel guards for both the TLS and TLR, and has a group buy underway for these parts. Be sure to check his forum regularly...
  4. New TLR and New to the site

    Bike Pictures
    Just picked up a 98' on Wensday in Seattle and Got home Saturday night( I live in the Walla Walla Area ), 800 miles and gotta say I am really digging this. I've owned 4 Gsxr's which I still have one (86' 1100- sold the 89' 750, 91' 750 and 92' 750) Wife rides a 02' SV 650 and can't wait to hop...
  5. Weird Japan web site with this one it??

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Can anyone tell me what this is of a TL1000S? They have them listed in Carbonfibre and in Plastic
  6. So I have been stalking your site

    Open Forum
    Hey all Im new to the TL game but not exactly new to bikes. I started out with a sport bike and then I bought a cruiser. I love the bike I have now but I really miss the power and handling of a sport bike so now I am in the process of selling my cruiser and looking for a TLR. The ideal situation...
  7. New to site

    Open Forum
    Just signed up. This is an awsome site. Just bought an 03 TL1000R-yellow and black yesterday. I've already put 200 miles on it. I've been riding I4s, but nothing compares to a V-Twin. Any advice or must-do mods would be appreciated.
  8. new to the site

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hey all Just wanted to say hi and Im glad there is a site for TL owners I have a 01 TLS thats having some problems so you will be seeing many post from me untill there resolved lol
  9. Site Newbie Saying Hello And Asking A few Questions...

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    So..Hello.. My apologies for the forthcoming long post in advance Name is Duane. Currently in the final stages of getting a neglected 94 Yamaha FZR1000 back on the road but I've had the TL1000R on my mind for over a year now (got to take a spin on one and the feeling never left me) and I've...
  10. Also new to site

    Open Forum
    Hi folks, would like to give a short introduction of myself. I'm Hermann, 37 years of age, located in Filderstadt, Germany (near Stuttgart) and thrilled TL owner for nearly 10 years now. I ride a '99 stock TL1000R with BOS pipes and automatic-start-to-grin-system :) I'm looking forward to some...
  11. New to Site

    Open Forum
    Hello everyone I'm new to the site and have been checking things out for a while. I love this site it is very helpful. I have a 00' TLs.:)
  12. newbie to this site

    Open Forum
    Hi i have a 199 t reg tl 100 r live in the uk nr manchester, came on here to try and find a rear brake pedal opart number they want £78 pounds over here for it talk about highway robbery- found the ronayres site thanks to your forum then found one on e bay that should fit cheers
  13. 01' TLS owner new to this site. Site looks great!

    Open Forum
    Hi, Just saying hi to everyone here. I'm from Virginia in the US, and I've been looking at the site for a while now and finally decided to do some posting and say hi. I bought an 01 TLS in 2006, it was brand new at the time, yeah it had been sitting in a crate at the dealer for several years...
  14. Noob to the site

    Open Forum
    Hey guys and gals just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. names andrew i reside in san antonio, texas and just recently bought a 2001 tlr. was previously owned by a technician at suzuki and has 18k but was rebuilt around 10k with every mod possible added :) i love it already
  15. Interesting Site on History Of Aussie Minibikes.

    Aussie Forum
    This site brings back some memories. I had a Deltek Grassgrub and always wanted the Deckson Eagle when it came out. I got to see what was the latest and greatest because Stan Bear lived at the top of the street.
  16. Big Bore 1088/1140 site is up here's the link

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    It's not the original site-I lost most if not all my files before Christmas and my focus right now is to get the 1140 to the dyno. I will be updating and adding more information in the coming days and weeks:) kbsportbike.netBTW I know it off center-trying to fix...K
  17. Desperate help of a Web Site Designer Guru Needed :-(

    Open Forum
    I'm building a new web site and after downloading somebody elses that I liked using offline commander, I've spent days if not weeks tailoring it to my needs using frontpage. However, I'm trying to add PayPal's Cart HTML to my code to replace an existing Cart button but I cant get the button to...
  18. new too the site

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hey folks im TWAN im new to the site just wanted to say hi Im huge fan of the tl1000r and i was wondering what is the total hp on a tl and which is the best year to buy ??? i currently ride a honda vfr 800 which is my long distance bike im looking for some thing i can have alot more power and...
  19. site noob. yay.

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    hey! names jim.. i posted in the SV section, but i saw there was about 15 times as many people viewing this section, thus this very post. lol oh, my propaganda. well, been an electrical engineer and had my own bike shop for a good while, .. kinda partnere up wit hanother guy at the momeny...
  20. new to the site

    East Coast Region
    Hi ya all, im new to the site, im from peterborough and i own a TL1000R in blue and white, only had it since july 08 and its me first twin. so thought id come say hi to all of ya and hope to get chatting and to no ya all soon.