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    hello folks, i know its a long shot but im trying to access the antenna lead on my friends 03 civic to install a ipod interface that works via the FM receiver through the antenna lead. her car has a rear window antenna and we did a fair amount of internet research trying to figure out how to...
  2. Aussie Forum
    Wonders what this was over Shot in broad daylight February 7, 2009 - 4:22PM Hundreds of people were in attendance at a show run by a Christian motorcycle club in Sydney's west as a man was shot in broad daylight behind bushes on the outskirts of the event. The 33-year-old...
  3. Photography
    Its my work, been on right place for doing great 360 panorama shots, i have to do little work to smooth it, but im too lazy, enjoy Link to original file
  4. Bike Pictures
    Grabbed this shot of Rossi at the MotoGP, Phillip Island, Australia. :laugh
  5. Help Forum
    03 tlr BMC, yosh cans, switchable smart tre, flappers removed, PC3. This makes no sense to me . If I go wide open in first, shift and keep going until I want to let off all is good. If I go wide open in 2nd or 3rd acceloration is not slow, just when 7k hits I feel a shock in the drive line...