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  1. long shot - any experience with stereo installs on hondas - 03 civic

    Open Forum
    hello folks, i know its a long shot but im trying to access the antenna lead on my friends 03 civic to install a ipod interface that works via the FM receiver through the antenna lead. her car has a rear window antenna and we did a fair amount of internet research trying to figure out how to...
  2. Shot in broad daylight

    Aussie Forum
    Wonders what this was over Shot in broad daylight February 7, 2009 - 4:22PM Hundreds of people were in attendance at a show run by a Christian motorcycle club in Sydney's west as a man was shot in broad daylight behind bushes on the outskirts of the event. The 33-year-old...
  3. Just awesome 360degre shot from beauty siberian sea

    Its my work, been on right place for doing great 360 panorama shots, i have to do little work to smooth it, but im too lazy, enjoy Link to original file
  4. MotoGP -Top shot of Rossi.

    Bike Pictures
    Grabbed this shot of Rossi at the MotoGP, Phillip Island, Australia. :laugh
  5. Slower acceloration then feel like shot of nitrous

    Help Forum
    03 tlr BMC, yosh cans, switchable smart tre, flappers removed, PC3. This makes no sense to me . If I go wide open in first, shift and keep going until I want to let off all is good. If I go wide open in 2nd or 3rd acceloration is not slow, just when 7k hits I feel a shock in the drive line...