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    I bought a TLR manual on ebay but they sent me a TLS manual. I emailed them and they told me they sent the right one out and didn't want the TLS manual back. Well since I don't need it, I thought I would offer it to someone here for no charge other than shipping. I just want it to go to...
  2. Open Forum
    I have a suit that I'd like to get repaired or at least figure out if it is cheaper to just buy a new suit. Do any NCers know of a leather repair shop? I am out in Charlotte but won't mind driving.
  3. West Coast Region
    Hey guys. I have been away from the zone too long and in taking the TLR to Laguna Seca this past weekend, have fallen in love again with the bike. It is time to wipe off the dust, lube the chain and get to riding again. I have a Bitubo rear shock on it but am a little sketchy on adjusting it...