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  1. Smacked up and ready to ship out!

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  2. 2001 TLR starter motor $34 + ship

    Looking to Sell
    Includes wires and relay.
  3. Bitubo for R Unused $450 + ship

    Looking to Sell
    As the title states. :) Any Qs let me know, I ended up using an Öhlins from a Duc instead of this guy.
  4. more tl1000s parts plus others. will ship to US/UK

    Looking to Sell
    gday folks, still got some shit i wanna move. all prices are in $aus and are neg, and dont include postage YOSHI RS-3 can, from 04 zx6r, has slight rash on the link pipe end of the can, and a small dent on the back (5c piece) that cant be seen when installed. $150.00 04 zx6r front...
  5. How do you ship a frame to Europe?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I've tried USPS,FedEx,DHL,UPS and a local freight company. All of thes companies wanted $800 and up for shipping. I know that there is a cheaper way to do this. Can someone help me out. Thanks
  6. What is up with the pirate ship theme

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    Did I miss that thread?