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    cutting out on tickover, can tickover for a couple of minutes sometimes then just stops, has happened when pulling the clutch in for slowly going over speedhumps the engine just stops, it always fires up straight away, did it once or twice just before I changed the exhausts so it's not that, but...
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    Just got the bike back together after a few mods and getting her ready for a riding weekend. Got the M4 System installed, and dropped a tooth on the front to 16/43. Took her for a quick spin, and she's running nicely! The M4 System really has a nice growl. I've got to get my YoshBox built. I...
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    Well its dead, the crank has started to knock, so its time for a major strip down and rebuild, what i want to know is, what is the best route to go down? do i get a second hand engine or do i rebuild this one, i was thinking sv crank and rods with shells like sam has done and a new oil pump...
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    After a month long hiatus, and with new revolution rotors and EBC extreme pads.. I finally managed to get out and go for a scrub in run.. Running stock calipers and lines, i gotta say i'm well impressed with the new set up. Feels alot better than the OEM set up which at times felt vague and at...
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    Got her last fall 1998 $750 18k.....not done that much but she's runnin 100% ....been out with all the Harleys today in Milwaukee all this was on the cheap....not a show bike ...pure utility !!! the list bars, MX number plate with leds, braided brake a clutch line from Galfer,Motion pro...