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  1. The Shakes Part 2,

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    Hi, I've praticaly sorted the Head shakes out on my TL1000s, by fitting a new chain and sprokets etc and all the checks ie wheel alignment etc, It's now only doing it when i hit a rough bit of road ie bump, cats eye etc, she shakes her head when hard on the gas, Would softer suspension work? or...
  2. The Shakes

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    I hope this will help people with the 97- TL handle bar wobble, Every time i went fast 100mph + the bars would shake, i check tyres tyre alignment chain adjustment forks suspension settings, heavier oil in the steering damper new front wheel had both wheels balenced, twice! different tyres, and...
  3. Shake your ass, the shakes

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    Hi, I finaly found what was causing the Bars/steering to shake 140mph plus, after heavy oil steering damper tyres tyre pressures, chian adjustment, wheel alignment, head bearings etc, It was new chain and sprockets! the chain had a real tight spot and it was throughing everyhing out, now she...

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    HEEEELP!!! My 1997 TL1000s shakes it head when i accelerate hard, never used to do it not this bad anyway havn't had the balls to try and accelerate out of it if i back off and accelerate again its not as bad or change up a gear, have had front wheel balanced and head bearings done because there...