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  1. rear sets

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    would anyone no if any other model rear sets will fit tl1000s. cheers
  2. Rear Sets? What other Suzuki sets will fit?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I'm familiar with the aftermarket adjustable rear sets but was curious if any other Suzuki rear sets would work instead? Thanks
  3. Rear sets for a R

    Looking to Sell
    Here we have a set of rearsets, just need a clean , dont know there make - decided iam not going to use them now.looking for £70 gbp/ £5 p/p in uk .
  4. Adjustable Rear Sets

    Performance Enhancement
    I need to get rid of these woodcraft rear sets cause they've been cramping my long legs. What kinda adjustable TL rear sets are out there that are any good?
  5. 4 sets of clutch spring retainers

    Looking to Sell
    1 Gold set 3 Blue sets You can have either set of bolts(Black or Stainless) Yes, they work with Stock plates as well as mine. Yes, the fit the R and the S. Yes, they work with the 5 and 6 bolt. $49shipped US $56shipped Overseas
  6. tl seat sets

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    hi guys. anyone know if the seats are all same fitting to all years, or were some different.....theres some baglux seats im after, and wondered if there was any difference as the models changed, cheers
  7. Revolution Rotors - demo sets

    Looking to Sell
    I've got 5 sets of Revolution Rotors for sale that were used for demonstrators purposes when the product was released this past fall. The sets have never been bolted onto a bike but where used for photo shoots, trade shows racks, etc.. They are all brand new with full warranties. Here is what...
  8. Will my bikes mileage show on a different sets of clocks

    Help Forum
    i want to buy a new clock unit for my tls, but i wondering will my bikes mileage read on the new clocks or will it show the mileage of the bike it came from.:tillis
  9. two sets remain - yosh exhaust to OEM canister adapters for noise violations

    Looking to Sell
    hello gents, i have two sets of the yosh exhaust to OEM or 'slip on' (really bolt on) canisters left from the group buy. allows fast changing from full yosh to yosh system with OEM pipes for noise fix-it tickets, racing with noise restrictions, etc. no spring tabs, typically folks have used...
  10. rear sets

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    after having a bump with a dopey freelander i need some rear sets i gonna get a set from alex but a set of raask set have come up really cheap £120 new are these any good or am i better off getting stock ones again
  11. how many sets in a set - TLS calipers

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    need to have my calipers rebuilt (stuck pistons). i'm looking at the fische and can't figure out how many seals sets i need. looking at the fische, it seems that 4 sets of ring required for a caliper, one set for each piston. am i right?
  12. rear sets

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Trying to hunt down a rear set for my tlr that is good quality, strong and reasonably priced. Would appreciate any pointers and oppinions :)
  13. 2 Sets of leathers for sale.....

    Looking to Sell
    I have 2 sets of leather available... RST Pro Series: -size 56/46US, red/black/white, full armor, removable liner in excellent condition, never down, knee pucks. Front zipper replaced with a better one as the old one kept catching on the edges.......250.00 or b/o plus shipping Spyke...
  14. help rear sets and clutch lever

    Want to Buy
    need rear sets factory 0r cheap others and clutch lever. Thanks Ike