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  1. UK - Thinking of parting my TL1000S ('97, black)

    Looking to Sell
    It's always down to money isn't it, and I just don't have enough to get her back on the road :-( . So I'm just wondering if there's any interest in me parting out my much loved machine :-( Do note, it's currently in a poor but road worthy state, hasn't been on the road for a year, but has mainly...
  2. gap mod trays for TLS - several left to sell

    Looking to Sell
    TLS ONLY :slaptlr gap mod trays for sale. asking $90 shipped in the states, $105 overseas. CNC stamped and bent, absolutely perfect fit, buyer must drill mounting holes depending on mounting preference. :banana :banana pm me for a paypal address if you are interested. thanks! john
  3. My kids want me to sell my TL for this.

    eBay Auctions Forum
    Don't know the seller. Kids want me to sell my TL and buy this one instead. Reserve is £7500 :coocoo I want to keep my TL and buy this :laugh...
  4. I have to sell my baby!! 2000 tl1000r

    Looking to Sell
  5. 98 tl1000r streetfighter project. HAVE TO SELL

    Looking to Sell
    i just got some news that my wife and i are expecting a baby.:thumbup. so the bike has to go to get rid of some bills. the bike has 18,--- miles on it, has lots of extras - yosh rs-3 carbon(shortened), vandriver billet exhaust hangers, vandriver billet rear brake resivoir, vandriver billet front...
  6. TLR Headlight sell or swap!

    Looking to Sell
    Hi there, I recently bought a headlight from ebay. The seller had pictured the headlight with the projector and i bought it. The headlight that i got 3 weeks later was different than the one that he had pictured. It is a headlight without the projector. I don't know which one is US-Spec and...
  7. FS: Yellow 2001 TL1000R in MA, Very sharp!!

    Looking to Sell
    Another V-Twin caught my eye for a very good price which I couldn't pass up, so now my TL1000R is up for sale. Never thought I'd see the day...will be sad to see her go and I'll definitely miss it. But I can't justify (or afford) having 2 similar bikes for the street. If i never stumbled...
  8. I think its past its sell buy date.

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Well finally got the cases apart and the rods split and had a suprise. Front cyl, this was the one that was knocking:devious Rear cyl,looks like it was ready to self destruct. Front rod, if you can see, there is loads of swarf and crap in the oil hole. And crank scored, i originally...
  9. lots of parts to sell but have a paypal question?

    Help Forum
    i have alot of tlr parts to sell but i have a question! i have paypal but i have only bought stuff and havent sold stuff my q is can i accespt money or do i need to add a bank account???
  10. Black Busa Wheels..Gonna Sell Here!!

    Looking to Sell
    I've started this new thread to sell these wheels and tires, They will be sold on here! They only have about 1500 miles on them. First off this is how it's gonna go, I'm gonna start today with the asking price of $400.00 shipped,(in the lower 48) which is what I've been asking in my part out...
  11. Keep it or sell it?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Ok first off, i know youre all going to say keep it lol, but before you say it think of it like this, im 19, got laid off and cant find a job, dont have money for college this year, my car which i need to help my family out, is close to gone in maybe another 1000 miles or so, and my family is in...
  12. 97 tls low miles tons of extras.... must sell soon.

    Looking to Sell
    Hi everybody sad to say I am selling my 97 tl1000s. It has 9500 orig mi. Custom $3000 paint. good tires, new battery, polished rims. Undertail taillight kit, custom front blinkers. Heli bars, stainless front brake lines, power commander 2 with custom map, also full yoshi stainless system. Also...
  13. Do I part it out OR sell as project?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum ive just got done tearing my motor apart due to a spun bearing and the extra motor i got with my bike also has a spun bearing ( just found that out after the guy i bought the bike from said it was fine :fooku)......and right now im at the point where i dont have enough time or $$$...
  14. Everytime I get asked "want to sell it"

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    It is funny how many times I have been asked if I want to sell my 2000TLR. I had a RC51 for 6 years and never had that question asked more than once. Usually asked by guys my age or close to it. (44). You would think no one would want a 9 yr old bike--old technology--heavy--good inline4 600...
  15. Spare parts sell

    Looking to Sell
    I have a bunch of spares taking up room in the garage and the bike needs some paint and other mods. Looks like it's time to have a sell. Most parts are for the S, a few for the R, and some that will fit either. Prices do not include shipping. I prefer to ship only in the US, but can...
  16. looking for some advice, to sell or not to sell

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    hey guys and girls, im just looking for some opinions, im currently thinking about selling my tls and am a bit undecided, im fed up of having to fill up twice on a ride out with me mates on there gixers, r1's and blades as my bike drinks fuel compared to theres, im also wondering if im missing...
  17. which exhaust do you think would help sell my bike best

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I am redoing the yoshimura pipes for my tlr before i sale it which type do you think will help the bike sale faster. Carbon fiber or stainless? Let me know your input.
  18. I would sell my kidney,left and right nut, would you?

    Open Forum
    Ok, I came across this picture and man Honda has a mean looking twin in there stable, If Suzuki brought out a TL looking anything close I would definitly sell all the above to buy it if I needed to! What do you think!
  19. want to sell or trade

    Looking to Sell
    I have TLS front forks re worked by Lindemen engineering ($800 value) Front brake master cylinder, steel braided lines and TLS calipers (with pads) Lindemen Engineering sprung forks $300 complete front brake system TLS $150 I changed my setup GSXR up front so I no longer need these...
  20. sell pistons high compression JE

    Looking to Sell
    hi, i am selling pistons JE in high compression new in boxes complete... it is standard boring (so 98 mm) i have few set. 3 sure (and 4 maybe, depends what i do later...) i am seeling one set (so two pistons complete in boxes...) : 350 € i live in france... thanks by advance for your interest...