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  1. Best security in ya garage....what ya usin'

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    You know when ya get that feelin fxxk somebody will lift fxker if they get a chance so what ya lads i feel my garage has be cased by a few undesirables pls inform Respectfully Stephen
  2. Security in the big city

    Open Forum
    Okay so I know a lot of you probably live in more rural areas but this is more directed to those of us who live in metro areas, like Chicago/New York/Detroit/LA/etc.... What do you do about security for your bike and stuff? At home mine is snugly tucked into it's bed in my garage, but when out...
  3. Security Q's .... Yay ..... New TLR soon to be mine .....

    Aussie Forum
    Security Q's ....... I am looking at Quiktrak for my new bike , as some of you know my Black TLR was STOLEN last year from my carpark. Never found..... Does any one else use this or have other alternatives for alarm paging or tracking systems. ....?