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  1. West Coast Region
    Anybody planning on going to Laguna Seca this year? Me and Tiller13 are going. We're riding from Monrovia,Ca. Off the 210 and the 605. Anybody rolling up to the races in July ? Or maybe Fontana ? :)
  2. The Video Store
    I hope you enjoy this compilation :devious
  3. Aussie Forum
    Does anyone have the complete season recorded ? if so any chance i could get a copy
  4. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Having a good (albeit short) regional season so far on my TLR. It's a great bike but even with all the weight savings and upgrades I've done, it DOES take a lot of effort to race it compared to modern bikes. RACE Round #3 (June 19-21): Entered 3 classes (Novice Open, Canadian Thunder-Liquid...
  5. Open Forum
    looks like the silly season is revving up for full swing...and once again there will be significant rider changes...i am big a race fan and look forward to all the rumors and speculation...:confused:O...anyway here are my predictions for 2010... MotoGP Repsol Honda...Dovisioso/Pedrosa or...
  6. Bike Pictures
    My trackbike is ready, it's just missing the big #300. Doesn't look very different than before, but it drives quite different thanks to the slipper clutch :) Next time I'll take a picture with the black rims, looks better IMO. Greetings Rufer
  7. Photography
    Headed out southwest today, down through South Park (no there are no cartoon characters living there) turned around at Camp Como as it was getting rather chilly. The Dual Star grip heaters were working overtime and doing a good job. Saw a few helmetless red faced Harley types out there. They...
  8. Open Forum
    I know there are a few of us bow hunters on this site. As the days keep getting shorter my only refuge is knowing archery season for deer is near. Acutally, it started in NE already but I like to wait for a hard frost to kill all the bugs. Chime in all you fellow bowhunters. I'm sport'n a...
  9. Photography
    Last weekend me and my friend, Thunderace owner, was on hunting :) 2 place rubber boat and twisty river best things for duck hunting! :doug So, we have waked up at 5:00 AM and rode to river before sunrise. Then we have boated through twists and have had no time for making pics... And finaly...
  10. Open Forum
    Well hit the hospital for my first appointment since totalling my knee a few weeks ago. Stunning physiothepist had a good wiggle (My knee not her butt unfortunatly) ... Seems like I may have done a tad more damage than first thought. She still thinks I have internal bleeding from the crucia(?)...
  11. Open Forum
    hello, i have Moto GP Season 2001-2007 Reveiw, my quetions, is there a 2000Season Reveiw, Kenny Roberts won that season, and it was Rossi first season in the 500cc GP class, anyway i'm just a big fan of Moto GP, and would like to have this dvd ?
1-11 of 11 Results