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  1. Scott's Oil Filter F/S

    Looking to Sell
    Original strap wrench and packaging included.:devious $139 new $75 shipped in the UK and US. I will ship internationally, pm for a quote:thumbup Pictures up soon...
  2. Scotts oil filter: keep or sell?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Help me decide. Pros: - Looks awesome - Cool engineering - Reusable - Fantastic quality - High-powered magnet helps to clean the oil - Environmentally friendly Cons: - I can't see it unless I'm changing the oil - I'm getting tired of cleaning it every time I change the oil - I'm not sold on...
  3. Scotts performance

    Open Forum
    anyone close living to these guys :O that can do a pickup & post over later :devious my ktm 950 se badly needs a steering damper :puke thinking of the full kit :)
  4. FS: Scott's Scotts Damper GSXR

    Looking to Sell
    See my ad for a VGC+ Scott's Damper for sale.
  5. "6" Scotts Performance Contingency Packets

    Central Region
    I still have "6" Scotts Perfromance Contingency packets to give away to anyone who wants them. Just send me a PM with your name and address and I'll mail them out to you. This packet entitles you to 20% off current retail price of the products listed in their catalog and is good until December...
  6. Scotts Steering Damper

    Looking to Sell
    I only have the damper, no mounting kit, but it has the correct arm for the TLR (i dont know if it is the same for the TLS). $200, firm, shipped in the continental US.
  7. Scotts Performance Packets

    Central Region
    I have 11 Scotts Performance Packets left over from the River Rocket Charity Ride. Entitles you to 20% off all their products and each packet has a savings around and up to $500. PM me and I'll send one out to you..........
  8. Scotts steering damper.

    Help Forum
    I am going to be installing a Scots damper on my race bike soon. The damper was set up for a K6 gsxr 1000 and I need to replace the arm on the unit. Does anybody know which arm I need to order with my mount kit??? It currently has a +5 straight arm on it... 2002 TLR