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    Here's the thing. A technician just can't make it in this I.T. world anymore. We have become janitors walking around with vacuum cleaners and air- dust canisters to what...Yep that's it.. vacuum out a dusty computer because companies have such dusty work area's. Instead of the managers...
  2. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    What do you think? as i cant wheelie for shit even tho ive done a day there this year but im really gagging to go again for a second dose, basically its the jimmy fireblade bandit wheelie school which is near skeggy, lincolnshire. i think he'll only cater to up to 5 or 6 bikes at once so places...
  3. Looking to Sell
    Suits Suzuki throttles with a single cable (not dual cables like the TL). NEP CC-4 New and unused, dust is for free. $20AUD posted in AU $25AUD posted international Click for bigger ones:
  4. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    ok guys i think its time to replace chain and sprockets. gettin alot of chain clunking noise on takeoffs. plus my g/f said she would buy me a new heres the thing... im stretching it 9''.ya ya i know ill catch alotta crap for this but to each his own. so since im stretching it, is...
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    (Vid link at bottom) Just over a year on from my first track day at this very track, here I am on a race school on a gixxer! All I wanted was a knee down photo and that was to be it as well :) Sat Classroom for the club info/ACU exam, SUnday on the track for a really useful run through/mock...
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    Read the description.........
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    Okay, I've read alot here and am impressed but still need direction. I have an S model, looking to breath more life into it. I have a PC2 and was wondering if the PC3 is better or offers more maps or what? Also, I see alot of guys here trading brake calipers off the R model and also a 5/8th...
  8. Bike Pictures
    i was a little bored today so i thought i'd photbucket my pics from this years "Legend Of The Motorcycle" and start showing some of them,look closely, yes thats an airplane powerplant/prop how cool is that !! just a few junk MV Agustas in the backdrop !triumph cafe racer by my friend ron...
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    Wow, Freddie Bailed! :dowhat Clickety Click
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    hi guys I recently got well into the supermoto way of things from being on superbikes all my life What im after is if anyone has tried any supermoto schools in the uk and what they thought of them cheers stu
  11. Open Forum DAMN:banghead it's little under 1 year from the previous(which was the first in Finland). JT
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    <br><font size=1><a href="">Cool Bike Formation</a> - Watch more <a href="">free videos</a></font>