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  1. TLR goodies (Bitubo etc...) + some TLS stuff for sale!

    Looking to Sell
    Hi guys, my buddy Haraen (Topcat) has decided to go all gay, and bought himself a fireblade 954. :laugh Hence, he has a box full of TLR goodies for sale. Here's a bunch of piccies, please drop me a PM with a price. Goodies are based in London. H will ship anywhere no worries. Haraen...
  2. One of the lowest mileage TL1000s in the country for sale!

    Looking to Sell
    I hate to do it but my wife and I have an emergency and I am going to sell my beloved 1997 TL1000s. This was a gift from my father. He purchased it brand new. (he is in his mid 60's now) It has never been down. D&D Carbon Fiber exhaust (sounds like a dragster) Corbin Seat. Power commander...
  3. TRS s/s bolt ons sale!

    Aussie Forum
    Anyone interested in some near new , unmarked trs Stainles race cans with removeable baffles , will fit sv/tl ($500au) + postage :) or $400 u.s. posted
  4. Ohlins shock and steering damper for sale!

    Looking to Sell
    I have an Ohlins steering damper Ohlins rear shock for TLR. Both are used. Shock $750 Damper $175 Price is plus shipping/Paypal fees. Shock. It had some rattle can black on it, mainly on the brackets. I cleaned most of it off but there are still some traces of it if you look closely. I didn't...
  5. MotoGP Tickets for Sale!

    Looking to Sell
    I have 3 MotoGP tickets for sale with motorcycle parking passes!:devious I am asking $442.00 plus shipping to your location, It is exactly face value from Indianapolis ticket sales:deal. I am now unable to go and the guys who were going to take them cannot go either, so our loss is your gain...
  6. 'K Peeps. It's officially for sale!

    Looking to Sell I'm bringing home a new toy tomorrow!