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  1. 2005 CBR1000RR & 2007 R6 for sale!!

    Looking to Sell
    These bikes need new homes. I need the money for a building project that I am planning so I am thinning the herd. If these don't sell I may put my Busa (00) & Tuono (08) on the chopping block too. If you are interested in those PM me. The R6 pics & details can be found here! The 05...
  2. Yoshimura TLS FULL SYSTEM For Sale!! (price reduced!)

    Looking to Sell
    I have a Yosh full system for a TLS for sale. TLR systems for sale here. It has some damage as you can see in the pics but I think it will clean up pretty good. The front header had a dent in it (actually still does) but I had a friend who is a fabricator beat it back out. It is not perfect but...
  3. My house is up for sale!!

    Aussie Forum
    guys, my investment housewent on the internet tonight, and i cant half realise the crapola that real estate agents write about a house that gets them in, which is what we want... so wish me luck as the bullshit begins now...
  4. found this on bikepoint

    Aussie Forum lots of mods