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  1. Ryan Farquar, Man or racing god???

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Just got back from Olivers Mount, Barry Sheene classic races. Ryan Farquar had 18 starts over the 2 day meeting & managed 18 WINS :hail:hail It was an astounding piece of riding by a thoroughly nice bloke:) Watching him on the 500 Paton with Ollie Linsdel hard on his heels for 8 laps, was worth...
  2. Ryan S and superbikes

    Open Forum
    well the indy GP/XDL episode was on of superbikes tonight and my boy Ryan S had another bit in there.......was actully a pretty good show........ think i even caught my self in the background taken pix:D
  3. Ryan S ice stunting pix

    Bike Pictures
    got a new camera afew weeks ago and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! the new jelous i want some now!! ICE DRIFTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mike G came sunday to pick up some parts and we talked him into trying it, "its all in your head" was said alot ryan and joe..