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rotary damper

  1. '97 TLS Rear Suspension

    Looking to Sell
    I took this off my '97 TLS with just under 17K miles on it. It's in good working order and clean. I'm looking for $75 plus shipping & Paypal fees. I'll ship anywhere. PM me and I'll take the box to the Post Office and get shipping cost. Pay no attention to the gas tank, I'm new at...
  2. New Batch of Suspension Links at Lindemann

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi Guys, Just got my new shock in from Lindemann,:cheers he's making those Suspension Links again so we're not all stuck at the one option of replacing the rotary damper with the ohlins anymore. Just to let everybody know, i thought this is interesting enough to share with everybody...