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  1. Welsh National Road Rally.

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Just a heads up 3 of us did this last year now this year 9 are going. its a great weekend away its run by clive mcc with acu backing there will be 2 tl,s in our group mine a "R" and of course a "S" the question of plod we only saw 2 cars last year and anyway its not about flying around wales...
  2. irish road racing on fox 2 now

    Aussie Forum
  3. Spain road trip, any tips on the right road?

    Open Forum
    Afternoon all. We are planning a blast down to the south of Spain in July from Santander. Has any one ever done this route before and can you recommend any great twisty roads? We are arriving on the ferry in to Santander and heading for a little village just above Malaga. I've looked at the...
  4. a corner i came upon on a back country road

  5. Saddle Road Hawaii

    The Video Store
    Since I've moved back to WA, I gotta say, I really miss this road. Not one driveway, or side street on this whole stretch. And if you hit it at the right tme of the day, you might only see one or two cars.
  6. just down the road and I never knew till today

    Aussie Forum
    I just found out there is a "private circuit" about 30 mins from me, at Kulnura on NSW central coast, looks pretty fun: Check it out on Google maps:,151.236119&spn=0.01229,0.019248&t=h&z=16 Not much information on the web, but came across these...
  7. best road gearing?

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    is it ok to just drop one at the front? bike pulls ok but won't power wheelie in 2nd or anything, currently will pull to about 165mph but with a few thousand RPM left that it can't quite get to before i run out of road! :devious is the std front 16t? think I read drop 1 front and up 2 on...
  8. road trip style on the tillis

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    tampa to tallahassee yesterday. tallahassee to new orleans today. next stops on the trip, houston, austin, dallas, ok city, possibly st louis. throw in some stories i wanna know about your long rides and the experiences you had and if you live in any of the places i just listed gimme some places...
  9. She's on the road again..

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    After a month long hiatus, and with new revolution rotors and EBC extreme pads.. I finally managed to get out and go for a scrub in run.. Running stock calipers and lines, i gotta say i'm well impressed with the new set up. Feels alot better than the OEM set up which at times felt vague and at...
  10. Bikepilot in CO Off Road Photo Whore - Version 2009!

    Josh passed through Colorado on his annual summer tour. As always, we had a great time off roading. I suspect Colorado is going to pick up a talented young lawyer and me a most excellent riding buddy upon graduation. I love it when a plan comes together :devious On to the pics :roost First...
  11. Today's Road Games - FZ1 vs. BMW

    Open Forum
    Ever encounter an uppity rider on a BMW RT type bike? You know, the holier than thou superior kind? The kind that never wave back, the kind that will pass you on a curvy road assuming their superiority? I did today. I was on a favorite canyon road (route 72 for the locals) stuck behind an...
  12. K6 1000 Vs TLS on the road

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I took the Gixxer out today on a daytime MOT, I havent ridden it on the road since I bought it. I have bene moaning it doesnt feel that quick on the track even with full system etc. Anyway, I did 120 miles and could'nt wait to get off! The rear suspension and apprent lack of travel just makes it...
  13. Road America June 6th

    Central Region
    Hey is anyone planning on going this weekend? I think I'm taking the wife so it will be done on 4 wheels this year. Ticket prices seem to have gone up, $45 a day. I have to find some sheap tickets!!
  14. First Off Road Photo Whore of the Season!

    I went up to Red Cone today with my friend Bob and his new CRF230. Bob is a good sport - he is having surgery on his right elbow for tendon issues tomorrow and he was in quite a bit of pain, but wanted to go riding anyway, as he will not be able to for awhile after the surgery. I figured the...
  15. on the road again......

    Aussie Forum
    finally got the old girl back on the road again, new pc3 and a full tune rego and im away......... wooohoooo just in time for winter :rant
  16. Road trip to the Ozarks

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Left Rockford, Illinois last Sunday morning. Over 1000 miles later I'm in Clinton, Arkansas. A few pics from today. :) Its tough to take pics of the twisty parts because there usually isn't a safe place to pull over and take a pic. Most of my pics were durring smoke breaks in the straight...
  17. DRZ Jumps a road in San Francisco

    The Video Store this is pretty impressive. -:banana
  18. Proposed increase in Bike Road Fund Licence

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Please visit this site and sign the petition...................... Please post to any motorcycle site you know/use............
  19. Michelin Pilot Road 2 comments?

    Help Forum
    Hi All, I have to change my tyres at the end of the month and was wondering who on hear are using the Michelin Pilot Road 2 on there bikes. I have the Pilot Power on at the moment, but as I use the bike daily it tends to get used up quite quickly! I have done about 7k km on the rear in 4...
  20. Victorian Road rules/Laws etc

    Aussie Forum
    OMG, its been the worst fkn january and new year ive known. 3 mates dead and me posting heaps, .....anyway who knows what avenue i might have... travelling home today in 7 hundred and fkn 80 degrees , officially have burns to inside of me anyway, im going up a hill , its a wide...