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  1. the ring-in takes off

    Open Forum
    hi guys well the time has come the walrus said to speak of many things etc etc not really . I'm sitting the international airport in brisbane and its 12.30 in the morning and its still 2 hours till the plane takes off, but I'm coming to england for a few weeks. I know I've just missed the...
  2. The ring-in naked Mk2

    Bike Pictures
    The naked has undergone some changes. Gone is the LSL top triple and the std forks and 6spots. I've got the helibars back on. k7 gsxr1000 forks and radial calipers and k5 triples . It's still on the bench but tomorrow we'll take her out and give it a test...
  3. The ring-in does england!!!!

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    hi guys I'm coming the the uk in September:banana doing a 12day tour of england wales scotland and ireland then got 10 days to ourselves I'm hoping to catch up with some of you guys and I'm also looking for ideas of things to do. we have 10 days starting and ending in london , what to...
  4. The Ring-In naked gets started

    Bike Pictures
    finally think I have turned the corner and stopped pulling things apart.:banghead last night I got active with a big ugly file and took all the casting marks off my bottom trilple and then got into it with a few grades of paper. then i got it on the bench buff. finally papered...