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  1. Any TL riders in Boise?

    West Coast Region
    I just jumped into this forum. I ride a 1997 tl1000s. If you live in the treasure valley area and want to do some riding. Drop me an email. re-si-dent mark @ (no - or spaces tho) thanks, mark
  2. Riders With Young Kids?

    Open Forum
    Anyone else out there ride with their young kids? In Florida, like most states, you can ride with your kids, as long as they wear a helmet and can reach the passenger pegs. Last week, my middle stepdaughter missed the school bus.:banghead It was a real nice morning so we took the bike. BTW...
  3. Midlands TL riders

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Are you from the Midlands area, want to have meets, fun days, rides out etc. Join here, Lets get all the names in one place to arrange this kinda thing.
  4. Angeles Crest Riders in here

    Open Forum
    CalTrans has just closed Angeles Crest Highway. I was going to cover it on Asphalt & Rubber, but need a picture. Can anyone oblige? :hail -:banana
  5. Alabama Riders

    East Coast Region
    Hey guys just stoppin in the dirty south for a couple of weeks and was wonderig if there was anyone close by. Im shacked up un Jasper atm. DAMN ITS HOT.
  6. Looking for TL North East Virginia or Virginia Riders

    East Coast Region
    I new to the area just got my TL shipped from Japan last friday. Looking get my tl on the road with other TL owners. I can be reached at [email protected] or via this site.:ytiller
  7. pa ,md,wv riders

    East Coast Region
    anyone going to the carlise bike fest in 2 weeks ?
  8. Hello @ All of the real riders

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I have only had my TL 1000n R for 6 months. I will never sell her!!!!!!!! God I love her!!!!!
  9. How many TLR riders in So Cal?

    West Coast Region
    Hey all. I just bought my 2nd TLR..98 Blue and White. I live in downtown Riverside. Are there any other TLR riders living close by? I would like to do a weekend ride one day with a pack of TLR's
  10. Colorado Front Range riders - MRA races 4/23

    Central Region
    MRA races are this weekend in Pueblo. Anyone else riding down on Sunday to watch the sprint races and Race of the Rockies? A few of us are headed down early Sunday morning from the North. Anyone that wants to hook up with us to roll South is more than welcome...
  11. Ct Riders

    East Coast Region
    Hey just gettin at jump on the year, its still a little bit nippy outside but it aint stopped me. Who's up for some group rides this year? 1- Enemyallstar - Groton
  12. Montreal TL Riders Track Days

    Canadian Region
    Any Montreal TL Riders want to go do some trackdays at that new Mirabel Cuircuit this Summer?
  13. Cali riders

    Help Forum
    I hope this works. I was wondering if any of you have the ECU reflashed and what are the settings. I ask because I am trying to figure out if I am too rich at idle or not. The bike will idle when cold but when warm it does not want to run. My settings are 5, 5, 11. I have RS3 bolt ons...
  14. WA riders oyster run ?

    West Coast Region
    just got rid of my r1 and got an 02 TLR ready to go ride is anybody hitting the oyster run?
  15. Any TL1000 Riders Close to Bamberg,Ge????

    Continental European Forum
    I am moving want to know how the riding is in the area.
  16. Maryland/DC/VA Riders

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Ok... where is the next big event for riders? Who has the best parts in this area? I just moved back to this area and I heard of places, but cant find them. Help. "Spike's Pop"
  17. Midlands based uk riders

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    any one in the midlands area that's free on sundays (providing the weathers good) want to meet for ride outs. i'm in worcester. not being discriminate against riders from futher a field any bodys welcome...... its far easier to arange fings on the spur when people live in the area......and i...