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    TO DECOSSE THE ELECTRICAL GOD!!!!!!!!!!! :hail Thanks for everyones input my bike is running once again. New wirring harnesses,used ecm. Endedup being no signal from ylw/bl at ecu to fuel relay ecu fixed that.
  2. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Can anyone recommend a place that repairs alloy rads from a dirtbike. the damage / leak seems to be below the top tank on the core side :banghead I've looked locally but no joy.
  3. Want to Buy
    I've got a list of part #s.. my bike got backed into while it was parked and it vaulted the side stand, pretty much trashing the stand and bracket, so the entire assembly might as well just get replaced as I don't know how badly the bolts got torqued... Also happen to be missing a bolt for the...
  4. Open Forum
    I have a suit that I'd like to get repaired or at least figure out if it is cheaper to just buy a new suit. Do any NCers know of a leather repair shop? I am out in Charlotte but won't mind driving.
  5. Open Forum
    iv'e got a 916 carbon fibre race tail for a 916 ducati,never used but with a few noticable scratches,i'm gona sell it but would like it to look 100% if possible,sure i can post pics if it will help,this is a shout-out for advice/help on cosmetic repair of this unit any help would be grate,i...
  6. Help Forum
    I often see guys here asking for levers and rearsets to replace ones they have bent. I repair lots of these . some simple ones like this one here and others a bit more involved where its a combo of straightening and welding , with filing and polishing to reclaim the item The following pics...
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  8. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I bought a full exhaust system off Hossman a few years back for my TLS. At the time he was not sure of who made the system, and I've got no clue who made it either. I had a bit of a spill at a track day back in September and it took out one of the cans. The header is still good so I don't want...
  9. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Well I got a recoil (same as helicoil) kit, used the tap, inserted the coil but during the process of winding the coil in the 'tang' snapped off and has fallen inside the sump! I pulled the coil out and put a new one in but now im stuck.. Ive taken the side covers off and see what people mean...
  10. Help Forum
    Ive had what I suspected to be an exhaust issue for a few months now. the lip around the outlet on the right can is covered in black, whereas the left cans outlet is nice and clean. Cant remember what I was doing last night that meant that my head was down near the swingarm whilst the bike...