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  1. TL1000R Voltage Specs

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    After scouring the site, and the Net, I have yet to come across a thread which simply lists the very information that everyone needs- Voltage numbers. I have been trying to determine if my Regulator/Rectifier is properly charging my battery, or if something on the bike is causing a drain...
  2. Plug n Play Modified Regulator/Rectifier for TLS

    Looking to Sell
    I have a perfect working Rectifier/Regulator that is configured with the 'charging' mod ready for plug n play install on TLS, with 12ga output leads direct to battery - waterproof fuse on the positive leg. Quality Soldered joints with heatshrink wrap. Ready to go, plug & play - connect the...
  3. TLS Regulator/Rectifier and stuff

    Help Forum
    Well after a long wet summer, finally got the ol girl on the road, carried out a fair amount of mods, but didnt see these coming :banghead on the test run, found the following:- 1. Oil leak - Clutch cover 2. Water leak - weep hole 3. Not charging. My question relates to no 3.. I've trawled...