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  1. On-Board Video's from Recent 3 Hills Championship

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Did 3 days Hill Climbing for the Auto66 3 Hills Championship before me hols Me, Fat Stu, Grinfactor, RossP, MarkR1 etc Managed to get 2nd Overall after a serviced rear ohlins shock was way underdamped on the previous setup settings and tried to throw me into the scenery for the first day and a...
  2. A recent Photoshoot

    These are a few photos from a recent photoshoot i had with these two lovely models. I needed some updated photos for my website and they kindly obliged. Thought i would share a few with you all. The equipment i used was as follows, Nikon D80 digital body. 85mm f1.8 prime Nikon Lens...
  3. some recent

    Bike Pictures
    Its a little dirty but i snapped a few while i had my camera at work the other day. It looks better with the seat cowl but the lady has been on it recently.