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  1. TLS Rebuilt, i need help!

    Help Forum
    Hi everybody, I am new TLZone has I just got a TLS. It was cheap but I need a few parts. The radiator is in bad shape, can we swap the tls radiator with any other suzuki parts? I think I might also have a problem with the damper unit, I don't think the unit should be moving at all? can anyone...
  2. I rebuilt TLR Starter and now it just spins

    Help Forum
    Is it possible for it to spin the wrong way, it was my first time to rebuild a starter, it just spins and never cautches the gears to turn the engine over. Can some on help :banghead :banghead :banghead
  3. rebuilt motor, WONT [email protected]#KING START!...backfiring HELP

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I just rebuilt my tlr motor and got it back in the frame, plumbed up and all the electrical back together..... now when i try to start it, it just turns over and every 3-5 secs it will back fire, and continue to turn over and backfire every 3-5 secs......and one of the times i tried it, i...
  4. Fully freshly rebuilt engine

    Looking to Sell
    This is one of sams engine's,he spent £450 on parts rebuilding this engine. First £600 gets it.