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  1. Want to Buy
    Im looking for a black and white rear seat cowl for a 2001 TL1000R I have cash or paypal just send me a pm or post here!! Thanks
  2. eBay Auctions Forum
    Hey everyone, I have no need for this passenger seat I have listed on eBay right now. I have it listed for $75 + shipping but if someone wants it here, I will sell it for $65 with free priority shipping...
  3. Help Forum
    Right I need to replace my rear shock so what are my options? Cant really afford to buy new so was thinking of buying a used shock and damper on ebay or could I just buy the damper cos I can't really seee how the spring on a stick can fail? I see some of you guys have put r1 shocks on which...
  4. Want to Buy
    Hi Guys I am after a rear seat pad for the TLS but only really need the mounting hardware underneath to fit on the a Pyramid Seat Cowl so the condition is not important Australia is preferable but OS post is OK to. I am in Melbourne Thanks :hail
  5. Want to Buy
    Looking for one of Vandriver's billet rear brake reservoirs, the angled one for the Gilles rearsets. I'm not really hung up on colour, but I'd prefer black. Hopefully someone has one they'll part with... :) Glenn
  6. Want to Buy
    Instead of getting these online, I would figure I would see if anyone has some laying around. I need all three bolts and nuts. 2 for the dampner and one for the linkage arm to the swingarm. Thanks in advance.
  7. Want to Buy
    Looking for a 5.5 x 17" Rear Wheel, either Marchesini or stock Brembo for the 748, 916, 996, 998, and single sided swingarm Monsters Watching quite a few on Ebay but might be somebody on here has one :laugh
  8. Want to Buy
    Looking for a C/F rear hugger , similar to the ones speedking (IF I AM CORRECT) was getting made standard or red would be great.
  9. Aussie Forum
    Galfer Rear wavey Rotor $100 AUD + shipping (+ fees if paying via paypal)
  10. Want to Buy
    looking for a stock rear spring for a TLS .T.L.
  11. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Right then peeps, who on here knows what torque setting to tighten up the rear header exhaust to the manifold pipe to. Just bought a new seal ring and dont want to mash it up by doing it too tight.
  12. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    The original thread is here Here are today's pics. This is where we started. OEM Pipes with stubby cans Then after snapping one of the header bolts, fitted the underseat pipes. Offered up the Aprilia subframe and pastics with the undertail exhaust :confused Cut 4.5 inches out of the top...
  13. Looking to Sell
    Black and grey super condition 60 quid + p+p and paypal charges
  14. Looking to Sell
    Both seat have been recovered in dark grey alcantara 80 quid + p+p paypal charges
  15. Want to Buy
    I'm after the rear caliper off a Gixxer K1 to fit to my TLS, doesn't matter if it needs a refurb as long as it's not trashed!! Overseas will be ok as long as shipping costs aren't too prohibitive :rant Cheers Guys :)
  16. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    so i just put my tlr up on a jack and i noticed the back whell has slight shack to it is this normal its only bout 2mm
  17. Want to Buy
    I'm a little bit desperate for a rear axle and nut for my TLR... Threads must be in good condition! TIA :)
  18. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    From what ive read upgrading the rear shock on my TLR will make a huge difference in how the bike handles. Can i get some suggestions on what one to go with?
  19. Want to Buy
    Anybody with a spare caliper hanger or know what other model fits?? Hoping to get one local (Brisbane)
1-19 of 336 Results