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    What different spring rates are available for a bitubo shock on the TLR? And where do you buy them from? My shock works great but it's slightly undersprung for my 105 kgs/230 lbs. What is the standard rate for the bitubo? Cheers.
  3. Open Forum I noticed that paypal uses quite bad exchange rates converting currencies GBP ->EURO, so when doing paypal payments check the rate and you can choose to use the credit cards exchange rate. I bet they are making a lot of money by...
  4. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Are there fuel pumps among the GSXR/SV (especially the SV1000) series bikes that have the same flow rate as a TLS? Is the TLR a workable pump - ignore mounting issues here for a second. Is this all that needs be considered if one wanted to swap pumps? Clearance below the tank? Fuel line seems to...