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  1. Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    Does anyone have pictures? I hear that there is a center motor mount that looks like a boomerang. I'd like to see it, if anyone has had their bike apart and took any pics. Thanks
  2. Looking to Sell
    you want update your TLS/R clocks,but want all them codes etc. to work? raptor clocks is the answer!plug is same.just need to rearrange pins to suit! brand new,o km! €200:)
  3. Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    I'm trying to help an Italian member(xb70) who is having a tough time reading the forum through a translation program. He is looking for the best/ lightest Carbon fiber exhaust system? Does anyone know?
  4. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi The Raptors running really rough and spluttery at 3k revs. Tried the TRE off Iain's TLR but it didn't make a blind bit of difference. Any suggestions Thanks in advance :) Debs
  5. Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    Hi all, in the past we've collected a bunch of usefull links for the Rappy on a dutch biker forum, I thought it might be useful to translate and place it here as well :D Models Raptor, V-Raptor, X-tra Raptor. 125, 650 en 1000 cc, specs:
  6. Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    Is there any difference in power between tls engine and raptor 1000 engine. Unlike Sv1000 i know cagiva uses the same tl engine but just interested in its state of tune compared to the TLS :) thanks
  7. The Video Store
    mine cagiva with Fuel exhaust
  8. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Has anyone tried using the ecu from a Cagiva Raptor in a TLS? This should work, right? Even the part numbers are just about identical, 32920-02F60 in TLS and 32920-02FP0 in Raptor. This should just be a country code difference, you think?
  9. Bike Pictures
    hallo everybody. one years ago i bought Raptor and take it home. he was a little unseemly duckling from italy owner. mayby after crash. so i wash it, buy some parts and make some modifications and that is my italianbaby :) Clear clutch cover in action
  10. Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    Does anyone have a Raptor (not V or X) headlight going spare? Mine no longer has any glass due to having bits of tarmac fired at it yesterday up near Inverness..... :coocoo
  11. Open Forum
    hi all does anyone know how much the cagiva raptor parts are compatable with the tls. If my memory serves me right cagiva used alot of suzy bits from the tls the reason i was wondering is there is one in my local breakers and he knows sod all about them and when i saw it looking abit sorry i...
  12. Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    I have recently got a 2002 Cagiva Raptor 1000. Its very tidy and is fitted with: Pro-taper MotoX bars, K&N filter, new sprockets and chain recently, its done 27000 miles and has been well serviced. I started stripping the tail unit off it and noticed a microswitch on the tail unit which looks...
  13. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hello! Has anyone ever used a Cagiva Raptor tacho on a TLS? Or does anybody know if it would work? :O
  14. Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    Just picked this up this morning after 4 great years with my TLR. Really impressed so far, very comfortable, doesn't feel as fast as the TLR but that could be the standard exhausts. Louder bikes feel faster!! Will start modding soon (bit skint at the mo!!). Any good (cheap) mods I can start...
  15. Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    My Bike is Cagiva Raptor 650 -07 and I'm trying to get more power of my engine, what would you swamp and how much more hp it would give ? Raptor shares engine with Suzuki SV650, I know that. But I'm asking, do these engines have differences, like electronics, anything..? And another problem I...
  16. Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    hi all can i use a tls front sprocket is same pitch etc:confused
  17. Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    hi guys this my rap so far R1 FORKS.RSV SWINGER.BLADE REAR SHOCK. TRE.RADIAL M/CYLINDER.PC2. next a bit more power i think ther may be a bit to be had from air box any tips:O
  18. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Morning all, I'm posting this here as opposed to the Tech or Raptor sections as I'm intrigued as to whether this is a common problem with TLSs, particularly UK models. My Raptor has been suffering with running a bit ropey below 3k which then turns into a proper misfire at 3k, which is great...
  19. Help Forum
    I need some details of the suspension set up on the raptor 1000 some nice clear pics would be nice and some pages from the manual with detail of the mounts locations etc would be ideal. thanks in advance :devious
1-19 of 22 Results