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  1. Colorado Front Range riders - MRA races 4/23

    Central Region
    MRA races are this weekend in Pueblo. Anyone else riding down on Sunday to watch the sprint races and Race of the Rockies? A few of us are headed down early Sunday morning from the North. Anyone that wants to hook up with us to roll South is more than welcome...
  2. operating range

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Does anyone know the normal operating range on a 97 tls. I know that the cooling systems on these suck, but I feel like it always running hot. And at what point should i be concerned(what temp).
  3. Making every drop count- fuel that is..

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi Guys Can anyone tell a newbie at which rpm in top gear does the '97 TLS give the best mpg or kms/ liter in my case. Long story short, was on a trip which I miscalculated my fuel stop and I had to make every drop count. I managed to do 30 kms from blinking light to steady on for the low fuel...
  4. Any Range Rover Fans?

    Open Forum
    I was going to pick up a TLR in Austin last week until the guy added to his Craig's list page his name over at TLP. I did a search there on him and the bike and it turned out not sounding so good anymore - tons of problems from what it read like. I was also supposed to take my oldest daughter...
  5. Colorado Front range TL ride pics

    Bike Pictures
    Well, 6 TL's are better that none. I'll bet we had 25-25 guys trying to go or committed, 3 besides ourselves showed. :( No worries, we had a blast anyway. 270 miles, we cut one piece off of the tail end of the ride Enjoy