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  1. Welsh National Road Rally.

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Just a heads up 3 of us did this last year now this year 9 are going. its a great weekend away its run by clive mcc with acu backing there will be 2 tl,s in our group mine a "R" and of course a "S" the question of plod we only saw 2 cars last year and anyway its not about flying around wales...
  2. Dakar Rally 2010

    Open Forum
    A of mine buddy posted this link up on our local bike forum. It has some nice high resolution pics of the Rally. Enjoy! :hail
  3. Bullrun Rally in VA or surrounding area

    East Coast Region
    I have a buddy who is a Staunton, VA PO and gave me the inside scoop on the Bullrun Rally coming Saturday night (7-11-09.) They are all staying at the Stonewall Jackson and leaving at 9:00am Sunday. Lots of hot cars, women, celebrities, and rich "folks" are gonna be there! I think I am going...
  4. Mt. Shasta Rally in northern Cal. link

    West Coast Region
    I'm putting up a link for the Mt. Shasta Rally. It runs from July 3rd to the 6th. Live bands and camping included in ticket purchase. If your not into camping then there are motels close by. It would be nice to see other tl riders there. I have about 10 people headed down there from the Oregon...
  5. Brown County Rally - Indiana

    East Coast Region
    I thought I would put a feeler out guys to see what interest there would be in a TL Rally in Brown County Indiana. I can tell you that the roads are more than fantastic. If you like riding down near Deals Gap or Red River Gorge in KY, then this is very comparable. I was thinking of meeting on...
  6. Confusion Rally

    Aussie Forum
    It is not my role to officially promote this rally. Without researching it, seems to me that I have done so in previous years at about this time. Dunno why really, as I doubt that there has been much response if any? There have been...
  7. Want to organize a Rally or Get together? Your thoughts....

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hey guys and gals....don't think I have ever seen this thread on here but would you guys be interested in organizing a TLZone and or Planet Rally or get together? I know we are spread through out the world...literially...but it could be done....plan it well in advance....maybe for next summer...
  8. Sportbike Ride and Rally

    Central Region
    Here it is our 3rd Annual Charity Sportbike Ride & Rally in Muscoda, WI. Great ride to WildCat Mnt. with a free cookout to follow (barb. pork, brats, burgers etc.), tons of rider prizes. Silent auctions for things like Pirelli tires, RA tickets, Blackhawk Farms Track-Day. Like I said tons of...