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  1. votty is our FP Racing Billet Levers raffle winner!

    Congratulations to votty for winning the FP Racing Billet Levers raffle sponsored by Speedking MotoWerx. We had over 150 members enter the raffle, with over 330,000 tickets generated! :omg For the 149 unlucky entrants, better luck next time! -:banana
  2. FP Racing Billet Levers Raffle Sponsored by Speedking MotoWerx

    For starters, Merry Christmas everyone. To make it a special holiday season we have ANOTHER raffle courtesy of Speedking MotoWerx. Up for grabs this time is a pair of FP Racing billet aluminum bi-folding racing levers, which can also be engraved (see the TL1000R logo!) with words or a logo (we...
  3. glennyb is Our Gilles Chain Adjuster Raffle Winner!!

    Big ups to glennyb for winning our latest raffle of Gilles Chain adjusters w/ lift kit, which was sponsored by Speedking MotoWerx. :cheers Please PM me with your address so we can send you your prize! For everyone else, never fear. Another raffle is due to go up very very soon! -:banana
  4. Gilles Chain Adjuster w/ Lift Kit Raffle Sponsored by Speedking MotoWerx

    We've been long overdue for a raffle here at TLZone, so to make it up to you we've got two great items up for raffle before the New Year. Up for raffle for the next 10 days will be a Gilles Chain Ajuster, with lift kit, which is graciously being sponsored by Speedking MotoWerx. Pictured here...
  5. Raffle, when was the last one held?

    Open Forum
    I can't remember seeing it in a while. I don't post nearly as much lately so perhaps that's why I didn't see it. Anyways feel free to comment. :cheers
  6. MUST HAVE'S to help the Paralyzed rider back on his TLR!!!

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    As most of us already know, there are some goodies made available for all of you Zone Members so tune in and find out how to get a chance to own them! Thanks to Vandriver, Rifleman, JBAKE15314 and Extreme, and Speedking/Motowerx there are some great quality must have products made available for...
  7. Need advice on this!

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    So, Vandriver, Rifleman,Speedking and JBAKE15314 (Extreme) are making some of their great quality products available for auction/raffle. :hail :hail :hail to support Luke /BigLevG getting his special kit for his TLR. Now here is my problem. I need to figure out which way is the best to go: 1)...
  8. Raffle

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    has anyone ever raffled off a bike on here? if so what r the steps? how do u know its not fixed?
  9. moral question about a raffle I won here back in 06

    Open Forum I have worn them maybe once or twice so there may be some scuffs but overall in great condition. 1. Would it be right for me to sell them? 2. What should I ask for them as in almost new condition I...