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  1. 2 tlr frames

    Looking to Sell
    I have 2 TL1000R race frames available. i am located in tampa florida. both frames have clean VIN #'s pm me for any further information. all serious offers will be considered. Shipping from FL to CA is $70 and i believe will be less the closer you get are to FL. I am able to ship anywhere else...
  2. irish road racing on fox 2 now

    Aussie Forum
  3. Official FP Racing levers photo thread

    Bike Pictures
    Post up photos of your bike with your FP Racing levers! My '07 Honda Repsol Fireblade: --Sk
  4. votty is our FP Racing Billet Levers raffle winner!

    Congratulations to votty for winning the FP Racing Billet Levers raffle sponsored by Speedking MotoWerx. We had over 150 members enter the raffle, with over 330,000 tickets generated! :omg For the 149 unlucky entrants, better luck next time! -:banana
  5. FP Racing Billet Levers Raffle Sponsored by Speedking MotoWerx

    For starters, Merry Christmas everyone. To make it a special holiday season we have ANOTHER raffle courtesy of Speedking MotoWerx. Up for grabs this time is a pair of FP Racing billet aluminum bi-folding racing levers, which can also be engraved (see the TL1000R logo!) with words or a logo (we...
  6. '04-'06 Yamaha R1 Endurance Racing Brakes

    Looking to Sell
    Not for a TL but I figured I'd try here before the evilbay. I know some of you have other bikes to support as well. Up for sale is a brand new set of Beringer endurance racing brakes for the '04-'06 Yamaha R1...calipers, rotors, and pads are new. These are six piston, six pads, on 320mm cast...
  7. New Product: FP Racing billet levers

    Group Buys
    Available now....FP Racing billet aluminum bi-folding racing levers. The new FP Tactical lever features the Patented Tactical Bi-Folding Pivot design allowing the lever to breakaway both up and down only during impact giving you the confidence of a rigid lever, but the security of the world’s...
  8. Kms racing

    MotardZone clic on pics for BIG: I found an old e-mail from 12-07 that I exchanged with Wayne Petrie, Petrie Motorsports, who was also trying to contact KMS with no luck I had checked with them when the pictures of the bikes first came out a few years back and I did get an...
  9. X RACING CANS check them out

    Open Forum
  10. TL Racing Slipper Clutches

    Looking to Sell
    As a few of you are probably aware Les (TLDV8) and me made slipper clutches based on the later OEM GSXR Slipper Units. There was a hell of a lot of machining work to do to mount the GSXR basket and Hub on a TL Primary gear and also make a clutch cover spacer for the slightly wider unit. For...
  11. SV Supermoto Racing

    Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
  12. Racing seat pad???

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Anybody know where I can get one??? Has anybody custom fabricated one? Thanks:thumbup
  13. new racing porn

    Open Forum
    Just fitted these beauties to me gixer1100 yesterday. Brand spanking new Mikuni Racing RS40 Radial Flatslide carbs, bargain of the century as i paid absolutly bugger all for em :devious need to get me a push pull throttle but managed to get em working on my single cable and you can instantly...
  14. Heads up offroad racing - sth oz 1 & 2 august

    Aussie Forum
    offroad racing is on :) guys this weekend at MANNUM south australia 30min casual ride 45min drive from adelaide. just before mannum turn right on the SEDAN RD it's approx...
  15. XT Racing laptimer for you and a buddy

    Looking to Sell
    Trackday junkies, need to cut the :bs and prove it? I'm selling my XT-Racing Ultra-lap set-up. $300AUD + Shipping (AUD = Funny money, OS peeps need to convert it.) $10 shipped in AU, Overseas will be actual shipping cost. I'd need to get a quote at this stage. Insurance optional but...
  16. really funny video from moto

    The Video Store
    check out this video its well funny
  17. TLR/TLS for racing in Ontario

    Canadian Region
    This is a call for all TLR/TLS racers in Ontario, Canada. We want you for racing in the RACE Thunder - Liquid class at Shannonville!!! RACE has opened up their Thunder class to include liquid-cooled twins. My 1998 TLR was eligible. There are a small number of racers in this class, and we...
  18. Ryan Farquar, Man or racing god???

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Just got back from Olivers Mount, Barry Sheene classic races. Ryan Farquar had 18 starts over the 2 day meeting & managed 18 WINS :hail:hail It was an astounding piece of riding by a thoroughly nice bloke:) Watching him on the 500 Paton with Ollie Linsdel hard on his heels for 8 laps, was worth...
  19. racing on hubtv now

    Open Forum
    northwest 200 ? some kind of racing now but they seem to be speaking irish kant make a word of it !!
  20. Scarborough - Olivers Mount Racing 2/3/4th May

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Just finished the first day Round 1 at Scarborough I'll keep it quick as need to get some sleep as back there tomorrow. Great day, Stu binned it first run but OK :laugh Weather stayed dry and sunny and some fast times, Mark pipped me by a few tenths but at least we secured 1st and 2nd between...