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  1. Millie and Katoom go vroom in the Pyrenees

    Open Forum
    - 5400km - 14 days - 600ml oil - not one glitch awesome times. the KTM is in its own class in the mountains. the rsv doesn't even come close. you don't have to sweat, curse, strain and wrestle to be fast on a bike :) :thumbup i am very very happy with this bike. it gives me the fun of a...
  2. june 2008 pyrenees road trip

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    just put this movie picture clip together from this years road trip that we had back in june, can easily say they were with out doubt the most exiting roads i have ever ridden. we were based on the french spanish border so we had the best of both sides (french food and spanish girls)....:devious...
  3. Unforgettable: Pyrenees 2008! (NDUS)

    Open Forum
    Hi guys, Just got back yesterday from a 8-day trip to the pyrenees, together with my TV-show buddy Marnik, my little brother Pete, and long time good friend Nick. Me and Marnik went motorriding while the two other fellas went bicycling. We loaded everything in the trailer, and towed the lot...