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  1. Vandriver, Pyramid, Corbin, Stock TLS parts F/S

    Looking to Sell
    Hi there, Sold my beautiful TLS a while back (wah!) and the new owner didn't want all of the goodies for it. So, I have the following for sale: --Vandriver billet clear cutch cover, gold ring, New in Box $250 --Vandriver front and rear billet brake reservoirs, gold, new in boxes $90 for...
  2. Pyramid Undertail created a gap under my hump

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    This is a bit of a weird one. A few months ago I fitted a Pyramid Undertail to my TLR and got rid of the 2000lbs (estimated) of stock plastic typically found back there. I love the undertail, but ever since this has been fitted there has been a huge gap between the hump and the duck tail (I...
  3. WTB - Pyramid or similar rear seat cowl

    Want to Buy
    Wanting to replace the "BIG" seat cowl and replace with a smaller pyramid brand or similar one. Bike is Black. Would be very interested in one that is 2nd hand and already has the hardware fitted to mount. I am in Australia and would pay freight/postage for the right deal. Thanks
  4. Pyramid hugger brackets

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Just blagged one off my mate but it has no bracket for the R/H side, is it the type that is bent round the swingarm?? pics any one or even better pm me if ya got em:devious
  5. WTB: Pyramid low hump for TLS

    Want to Buy
    Title says it all..... Pyramid is out of stock..... :rant
  6. Pyramid Parts

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Anyone ever heard of I noticed a few items on ebay, then checked out the website. They have a clutch kits for TL's for less than 1/2 of what I can get OEM suzuki clutch kit. Is it junk or not? They also have steering head bearings.
  7. Pyramid low hump tail for TLS. Any thoughts?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum Shows that they recently added this to their inventory (though this forum shows that its been around awhile/ before). Saw the group by for the Pyramid undertails. Any interest or USA sources for this...
  8. Pyramid undertails TLR and TLS available

    Looking to Sell
    From the Group Buy I'm running.....$210 USD each with shipping and PayPal fees included. That includes either US or International shipping......These sell for $249 plus shipping and fees....smokin' deal on a sweet undertail. I have 2 left for the TLR and 1 left for the TLS...
  9. Pyramid low profile hump for a TLS.

    Looking to Sell
    In as new condition,metallic black,the guy i bought it off never used it and neither have i so its sweet,you need to use the mounting hardware of the oem hump.$120 NZ plus post which is what i paid for it give or take with the fluctuation of our $.Subscribers get preference.(if i am allowed to...