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    So, I'm just curious and want to ask a question to all you in the UK, and anywhere else that has government, health care. I'd like to hear from those that actually have had it for a decent amount of time... Is it any good? Ok? or garbage? What do most people that use it, think of it? Thanks!
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    I want to say thanks much and well done to Jesse at AB motorsports. (JBake) He got me a great deal on new tires for my TL/S and had them mounted and balanced in a matter of a half hour! Great service and a great guy who knows how to take care of people. Your the best bro, kudos to you and your...
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    Just want to say a very big thankyou to TomM for helping me out with the parts needed to get my TLR back on the road.. You've got some good karma comng your way :hail Thanks once again mate :cheers :thumbup
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    Its taken 3 years to complete full nut n bolt rebuild of my 98R, motor rebuilt from scratch top to bottom, you name it iv'e done it at last, many nights reading the service manual cover to cover, pouring over diagrams how shit goes together well I am glad to say .........I fired her up today...